An Example A Hypothetical Provably Fair Dogecoin Blackjack Game Hand

Let’s dive into the world of a provably fair Dogecoin blackjack game, unraveling a hypothetical hand and illustrating how one could employ the provably fair system to verify the outcome of a game while discussing the fairness and security level offered by such systems.

A Hypothetical Provably Fair Dogecoin Blackjack Game Hand


  • Server Seed: Before the hand begins, the server generates a secret seed, which remains hidden from the player.
  • Client Seed: You, the player, generate a client seed — this is your unique input in the game, enhancing the fairness of the process.
  • Hash: The server then creates a hash of the server seed and shares it with you, ensuring they can’t change it midway, as altering it would change the hash significantly.

The Game:

  1. You make a bet using Dogecoin and are dealt two cards, a king and a seven, totaling 17.
  2. The dealer is showing a ten.
  3. You decide to “stand,” hoping that your 17 is strong enough to beat the dealer’s hand.


After the game concludes:

  1. Reveal Server Seed: The server unveils the previously hidden server seed.
  2. Verification: You can now use third-party software or service to verify the game’s fairness. You check that the hash of the revealed seed matches the hash given before the hand started — affirming the server did not alter the seed mid-game.
  3. Checking the Outcome: You combine the server and client seeds and use the agreed-upon algorithm to generate the outcomes (like the cards dealt in the hand), verifying that the outcome was predetermined and not altered during the game.

Fairness and Security Level


  1. Transparent Process: Both the server and client inputs determine the outcome, meaning the casino has no power to manipulate the results in their favor secretly.
  2. Verifiable Results: You can verify the results independently using the seeds and hash, ensuring a transparent and fair gaming process.
  3. Player Participation: You have a significant role in determining the results and enhancing the game’s fairness.


  1. Cryptographic Hashing: Cryptographic hashing secures the server seed, preventing potential interference or manipulation.
  2. Third-Party Verification: Using third-party services to verify outcomes further adds a layer of security and trust in the process.
  3. Commitment Scheme: The commitment scheme ensures a trustless environment where neither party needs to trust the other; they need to trust the technology and the mathematical algorithms in place.

In conclusion, a provably fair Dogecoin blackjack game promises high fairness and security, leveraging cryptographic technologies and transparent processes to establish a trustless gaming environment. Players can enjoy the game with the assurance that the outcomes are fair and verifiable, enhancing the enjoyment and integrity of online gaming.